Poly Uwamungu

” Hi, my name is Poly and I am 54. I started training at CrossFit Lelystad a couple of months ago.
The recommendation came from my son who is 20 years old. Being a last year physiotherapist, my son new that I tried hard to fight against a genetic wearing of my bones cartilage. For that I had a lot of physio treatment, but each time walking stairs or riding bikes became harder and harder.
I never believed that CrossFit could help, as the first lesson was so hard and demonstrated all my weaknesses. One thing though, after the first trial lesson, I felt better and stronger instead of tired. I decided then to give it a try but remained intimidated by things like weightlifting.
I have to say that a couple of months later, training 2 times a week when my travels allow, I am feeling stronger and it is noticeable on my body structure (more mobility, more stability, more strength, etc..). Being the oldest of the group, I may tend to push my selves harder than necessary or compare my results with the younger ones…this may get you frustrated. But then, I always remember that one of the best statements I learned from internet surfing is: “try to be a better version of yourself” and not more…..

Coach Vincent of Crossfit Lelystad will always in a subtile manner apply that principle…pushing you to your own limit. The last work out was “Nancy” and I planned to do it with a front squat of 20 Kg, he said…come on Poly, you can do 30….and I tried it and it worked…I was feeling so happy….”


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